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Song Sweets: Ginger Browns {Velvet Underground: Oh! Sweet Nuthin}


I realize to a lot of people, finding food inspiration from music might not be the first thing they think of. To me, it makes perfect sense, and really, I’m not alone in the general idea.  Megan of Feasting on Art does it with great paintings, Dinah Fried did a photo series of dishes from famous literature, and lots of people take inspiration from films.  Each time I see it, I always think “I thought of that, too!”… with the exasperation of a child sitting on the sidelines of the game because she forgot her uniform at home.  But I wasn’t doing anything about it, and they were, so I sat sideline and enjoyed reading others’ inspiration.  Until now… I’ve had this particular recipe in mind for a long time, and it’s great to finally see it on “paper”.

I’m in love with this song: Velvet Underground’s Oh! Sweet Nuthin.  It’s husky, unctuous, a touch of sweet sadness in a slow shuffling tempo.  So I tried to evoke that… in a cookie.  I hope you’ll hear me out on this.  It’s a really great song, and I think it’s a damn fine cookie, too, actually.  I hope you will try it, and play some Velvet Underground while you eat them…

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Crispy Kale Potatoes

I love it when things look effortless and actually are.  Like those days when you get out of bed and the bedhead actually looks like it does in movies (I get maybe one of those a year, the rest of the time it’s usually a bit like looking at installation art).

I love recipes like that, too.  Just like this one (and the last one).  Roast potatoes, toss in kale, roast a little more, and you’re ready.

In my particular case, this recipe also helps me use up some of the last of my chilly garden vegetables before too many more frosts, tempted though I may be to keep taking pictures of them like this one (of the kale).


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A deep breath and…

Here it is.  A big blank page I can call my own.  I swear it echoes in here.

Hi, I’m Mae and I’m not new to this.  I had a little blog a few years back and it was my baby.  But as babies are prone to needing constant feeding and nurturing, it became clear after a few months that it was not the right time for me to take on that kind of responsibility (watch out, houseplants!).  So I put it aside and went out in the world.  I traveled.  I married my soul mate. I moved a state away and bought my first home.  I also spent a lot of weekends lost in a trance of scones, poolishes and Filipino Adobos.  I let anyone patient enough to deal with my rapid-fire questions teach me whatever they know about food, and when no one was around to pester, I read Thomas Keller with the same full attention that other women were reserving for Christian Grey.


Darwin’s finches finishing our lunch for us on Floreana Island in the Galapagos

So now there’s Little Fig.  It’s probably best I tell you a little about what I hope this will be:

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