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Soup Days, Day One: Roasted Pumpkin Soup with Brown Butter Maple Pepitas


As I sat a couple mornings ago in a rented kitchen-less cabin overlooking an area I’ll call “Blustery Valley”, I thought a little about what I would be making for our lunch, had I the facilities to do so.  The answer quite simply would be soup.  Lots of it.  But without a stove in sight (and for a while, no coffee cups either), I had no choice but to dream up hypothetical bubbling vats of steamy goodness.

J & I were up for the holiday weekend to visit The Sis (my sister-in-law) and her husband (Guitar Man) in their new home of Viroqua, a pretty little town in the Driftless region of Wisconsin.  Abundant in charm and amazing produce and people… and also down parkas and hunters caps and mittens.

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