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No Pain, No Grain: No Bake Strawberry Yogurt Tart


I do love it when life presents you with a delicious conundrum.  In this case: What do I do when my mother-in-law presents me with a heaving gallon-sized bag of perfectly ripe and luscious strawberries from her garden?  Lots of answers to this question come to mind, such as:

1. Break out the melted chocolate and the Downton Abbey box set.  Every time the Dowager Countess is appalled by the modern world, dip a berry (this doubles as a drinking game).

2.  Create a legion of these adorable Strawberry Mice!!

3.  Make this incredibly easy, remarkably delicious and surprisingly good-for-you strawberry ta

The last one is the option I went with, which might surprise anyone who knows how much I love Downton Abbey.  But as it is, I happen to be pretty proud of this crust recipe and I don’t waste any opportunities to march it out in any number of configurations.


The first time I put this recipe together, frankly, I wasn’t sure if it would work.  A good crust is is a lot like an awesome mom: able to handle all the sloppy, soggy, sticky things in life and do so with style…. and while staying light and crispy (that last part doesn’t really fit the mom analogy, but you get the idea).  With only 2 basic ingredients and virtually no prep time it was also one of the easiest crusts I’ve seen.  Oh, and it’s completely grain-free, did I mention that bit?  Even Mrs. Patmore would be proud.

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