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Baked Polenta with White Beans + Spicy Greens

polenta plated 2

You might notice it’s been a little quiet around Little Fig this month.  It’s not because I’ve forgotten you all, oh no!  Quite the contrary, in fact.  There’s been lots of recipe testing, culinary forays and inspiration.  There’s more on that later, I promise.  Until then, I leave you by sharing a few of my favorite things from April, including this (no stirring!!) fresh and oh-so-tasty polenta dish.

The vintage shoes at Sea of Shoes here (the ones covered in clouds are my favorites)

These pretty little plates I picked up from Montréal

The gorgeous Strawberry Fields pie from this shop in Dallas

The paper sculptures of Peter Gentenaar

… and this view from the Monterey Bay Aquarium


…see you in May!

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Cherry Rosemary Quinoa Granola


Growing up, ‘granola’ was a bad word in my book.  It brought back memories of a health food store in Oak Park, IL that I would rather have forgotten.  It was a typical mid-1980’s health food store, with that universal musty carob powder and B vitamins smell.  My mother would drag me inside to peruse the rows of bulk dry goods, the canisters with wan-looking yogurt-covered pretzels pressed their waxy faces against the insides of their jars in a way that reminded me of abandoned puppies. And there was a frozen yogurt machine in the corner that dispensed pure disappointment in the form of a soul-crushingly tart and icy ‘alternative soft serve’.

To the eyes of an adult, there clearly was some kind of appeal here, but much like the Iran-Contra affair, this was something my six-year-old self was unable to fathom.

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Healthy Snacks: Whole Wheat Sesame Crackers


So maybe you’re wondering why someone would make their own crackers when you can obviously buy them at practically anywhere that sells things resembling food (grocery stores, gas stations, vending machines!)?  Well, obviously fresh things usually taste better.  Crackers are just one of those things.  Like canned soup vs. homemade.  Once you make your own, you start to wonder how those stale little boxes ever made it into your pantry.  Plus, it’s ridiculously simple to make your own and then you also know exactly what went into them.

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