A deep breath and…

Here it is.  A big blank page I can call my own.  I swear it echoes in here.

Hi, I’m Mae and I’m not new to this.  I had a little blog a few years back and it was my baby.  But as babies are prone to needing constant feeding and nurturing, it became clear after a few months that it was not the right time for me to take on that kind of responsibility (watch out, houseplants!).  So I put it aside and went out in the world.  I traveled.  I married my soul mate. I moved a state away and bought my first home.  I also spent a lot of weekends lost in a trance of scones, poolishes and Filipino Adobos.  I let anyone patient enough to deal with my rapid-fire questions teach me whatever they know about food, and when no one was around to pester, I read Thomas Keller with the same full attention that other women were reserving for Christian Grey.


Darwin’s finches finishing our lunch for us on Floreana Island in the Galapagos

So now there’s Little Fig.  It’s probably best I tell you a little about what I hope this will be:

I want to write this the way I live.  That is, you eat what I eat.  We’re a “weekday vegetarian” sort of family, so the majority of what I prepare is meatless.  Maybe another way to say it is that we’re Fair Weather Carnivores. So thru the week it’s a parade of spicy chickpea tagines, unctuous vegetable terrines, comforting bean cassoulet and bright, crunchy quinoa burgers.  Then come the weekend, I will roast a chicken until the skin is like crackling, or braise beef cheeks in a deep and broodingly dark mole and serve with fresh-made corn tortillas.  Always the food is prepared from whole ingredients.  Always the dish is meant to respect those ingredients and the person enjoying them.  I try to keep “refined” and “white” adjectives I use to describe Sir Anthony Hopkins, and not my flour.

Recipes that have never been made only once, but are always test, varied, tried and re-tried (sometimes as I cry & re-cry).  If you’re going to give me your time and your precious ingredients and your family’s bellies for an evening, want you to feel like you’re in good hands.  I’ve had a few recipes explode in my face (once kind of literally) because a hurried blogger forgot a step or didn’t re-test a measurement.  And I totally understand why, I do. I put out a few recipes the very same way the first time around (hangs head sheepishly), but not this time!

A place you can come to that makes you feel passionate about food.  I feel I’m self-defeating by putting this down as an item in a list, which doesn’t seem like a very passionate thing to do, but please trust me.  One bite of plate of food can take you back to your childhood, remind you of a trip to a faraway place, or just make you really damn happy to be alive.  And all from something we need to do constantly to live.  Lucky us!  Why shouldn’t it be exciting?

So now that I’ve put forth a lot of big talk, it’s time to hit the kitchen.  See you soon!



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2 Comments on “A deep breath and…”

  1. December 5, 2012 at 11:12 pm #

    I have a feeling I’m going to like this blog!

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